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    optimizes the functioning of all the energy consuming utilities at the retail store
    lower gas consumption, maintenance and managementexpenses
    thanks to a single platform and a single interlocutor to manage all the systems
    a simple, intuitiveand customizable system
    uses the data to create tables and comparison reports for the various sales points
    uses the data to create expenditure forecasts or identify areas that need to be analyzed
    the data is saved in dedicated servers
    the guarantee ofFrigoveneta’s experience at your service

The Unigest interface, which is simple and functional, allows you to manage and monitor in real time all energy consumption at the retail store.

Each utility is intelligently managed, on the basis of the recorded consumption data and customized parameters.

This system ensures maximum efficiency and reduces fuel consumption, maintenance costs and management time.

Lighting management

The system allows for the complete management of the lighting costs of retail stores such as:

  • interior lighting divided into 2/3 delayed lighting and synchronization with the opening hours of the retail stores
  • exterior lighting of the parking lot and signs adjustable via time bands and light sensors
  • control of load bank lights with separate switches for the loading of goods phases and 100% lighting during opening hours
  • ability to adjust the brightness of the sales points depending on the external brightness

Air-conditioning and heating management of the retail store

The heating, cooling and ventilation are activated based on customized time slots (opening and closing hours), eliminating all timers, thermostats and the need for manual intervention.

The set point temperature is set depending on the season, time of day, and the correlation between the store’s temperature-humidity, bothexternally and internally. The reintegration of external air is optimized through motorized dampers, depending on the flow of customersdata and on the amount of CO2 present.

Temperature regulation at the retail store can be divided into several zones, with independent set points and with inverter control of the fan speed.

Monitoring and accounting for electricity consumption

The system provides for the installation of electrical quantity measuring devices, including the energy consumed (kWh). All data from all the instruments installed is stored and managed from the local supervision PC.

You can, among other things:

  • view all the electrical quantities via a chart, zooming in on both the scale of values and time
  • store all the values and view them by selecting a time interval (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • locate any usage/abnormal consumption and consequential energy waste on each utility
  • verify the correct sizing of transformers and thermal protection, through the analysis of additional information (voltage, current, power factor etc.)
  • manage automatically and with a predefined order, the eventual release of loads so as to attain a threshold reset

 Monitoring and accounting for water and gas/methane

The system can acquire data from pulse output meters for:

  • water from mains water
  • hot water
  • natural gas for heating

In case of excessive consumption or excessive peaks, an alarm signal is activated. Hidden leaks or misuse of resources can be discovered via the use of graphics

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