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    It reduces the sales points heating costs by over 60%
    Eliminates the need to the use the natural gas network and the purchase of a boiler
    It provides heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water
    Thanks to its intuitive PC interface and readily available data
    Frigoveneta’s experience and the Remote Management Center technicians at your service
    It sends alarm signals in case of problems or anomalies

The UNICALOR recovery system reutilizes the condensation heat of the refrigerating system, which is normally dispersed, to heat and provide hot water for the retail store. Furthermore it guarantees air-conditioned during the summer.

Unicalor is an exclusive simple system for cold food processing, air conditioning, heating and hot water supply, without the need to access the methane network or the use of a boiler.

The TN, BT refrigeration units and the heat pump are separate and independent A single unit with proprietary control, customized for each installation.
The TN and BT refrigerant lines are separated and made with standard components and methodology. The air-conditioning system is a classic hydraulic circuit. In the event of loss of coolant it will be limited only to the TN or BT circuit. A single distribution network for TN, BT and air-conditioning. A loss of coolant, even in the air conditioning circuit, will jeopardize the entire functioning of the TN, BT and
Air-conditioning refrigeration system.
Regulating the units and the refrigeration utilities is standard and the air conditioning regulating does not affect the functioning of the units. Regulating is centralized and a breakdown in the microprocessor card or to a system’s component can jeopardize the functioning of the entire system.

Unicalor: technology that frees you from using natural gas

The UNICALOR system, entirely designed and built by Frigoveneta, was created to respond,in a simple and innovative manner, to the needs of heating and air conditioning retail stores of all sizes.

Thanks to UNICALOR there is no longer a need to use natural gas or purchase, install and maintain a boiler: Frigoveneta becomes the sole partner of reference for the integrated management of the cold food processing and heating/air conditioning spaces. UNICALOR also provides domestic hot water with customizable temperature.

The entire system is managed through a PC interface which, thanks to the customized parameters, eliminates the need for manual intervention. All of the utilities operating data is immediately available in dedicated servers.

Managing Unicalor

UNICALOR is managed via a simple and intuitive computer interface. In addition to managing the functioning of the various utilities, UNICALOR also regulates the fan speed and the intensity of the air exchange depending on the conditions present in the retail stores (number of people, temperature, CO2 concentration): in this way the current regulations are always met and comfort is guaranteed for those inside the sales points.

Unicalor and Unigest

The UNICALOR functions integrate seamlessly with the Unigest system, which record the utilities consumption and optimizes their functioning.

UNIGEST, in fact, is the Frigoveneta system for integrated management of the retail stores.

Storing the technical assistance data

All data collected by UNICALOR is stored in special dedicated servers, where it is always availablefor graphs, comparisons and expenditure forecasts. In case of functioning or consumption anomaliesthe system generates alarm messages, which are transmitted to the remote management center: the center technicians can carry out on-line maintenance or on-site maintenance agreed with the customer. The Remote Management Center also monitors the proper functioning and efficiency of the UNICALOR system on a daily basis.


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